Monday, 26 January 2015

Christmas Day

it was exciting and stressful having christmas at our house this year and I'm sure my hubby will not want to do it again next year

so this was Christmas Day Lunch

Roast Lamb

5 cup salad (or ambrosia salad as some call it)


Potato Salad

All the food on the table


Garden Salad

Roast Pumpkin

a very blurry picture of my christmas crockery

the table outside

christmas bread stamps, I used these at breakfast to make christmas toast :P

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Christmas Day Punch

so I found this great recipe for Christmas punch and it was soooooooo very yummy

so the recipe is:
1L tetra apple juice (frozen)
Lemonade chilled (add to taste)
1L cranberry juice chilled
fresh mint

mix altogether and add as much lemonade as you want, it was lovely and cool with the frozen apple juice and the berries were lovely too

Friday, 23 January 2015

Christmas Pillow Cases

its pretty obvious that I love Christmas.. its my favourite time of year... and while we dont have any children yet it doesnt mean we can have a little fun until they come along

How sweet are these pillow cases :) I picked them up last year and decided to try them out :)

My First Bean

It's pretty exciting to have food to eat out of the garden

and this was my first bean :D and I'm sure you can guess it was delicious :P

Boss Dog

Cadbury was acting funny... and so I went out into the backyard to see what was going on.. she ended up dancing around my feet to protect me from the man on our neighbours roof.. I have never seen her so protective of someone in our neighbours yard :P

I love how big her bark and growl is :P hehe she sounds all bossy :P

More Blueberries

Less than a week later than my first blueberry I got a few more :D

and look at all those little blueberries growing.... but I had to put a mesh over the top of the blueberry bush because something (I'm suspecting birds) had eaten all the other blueberries off the bush :( so hopefully some more blueberries will grow soon

Cadbury Enjoying Her Pool

It was hard to get pictures of her enjoying her pool so I had to be a little sneaky :P

My First Blueberry

and it was delicious.... blueberries are so expensive to buy in the supermarket and the bush grows to about 1m high... so i figured why not

My Flowers

It was pretty exciting to see all my flowers growing in spring :D

the very first frangipani flower :) I've had many since

the gladiola was lovely when it flowered but took so very long to actually bloom I dont think it will make it to next year

I only got 1 lily this year and it was so pretty I couldnt bring myself to pick it :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Christmas Cadbury

I didn't think I was going to be able to get a Santa photo for Cadbury this year with my work schedule so I put a puppy Santa hat on Cadbury and took a few photos

she never wants to sit still for photos but i got some ok ones

this one is my favourite because she moved just as I was taking the photo

she didn't really like the hat because it annoyed her ears so I didn't leave it on for long... and I did end up getting a Santa photo and it was a great surprise for my hubby

Grinch Pills

just before christmas my hubby was kind of grinchy... before Christmas work always gets really really busy and it makes both of us get a little grouchy especially because there was added pressure for Christmas being that we were having Christmas at our house this year with my mother in law staying for 3 days...

one day Ryder turned up with a present for my hubby

a couple of handfuls of these and he was back to normal again :)