Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Brothers 30th Birthday

When we were kids my brother and sister used to say that I was adopted.. the reality is I'm the spitting image of my mother and they both look more like my dad's side of the family... 

so much so that when my mum moved in with my step dad she asked him to hang 3 photos and he dutifully hung them where she asked... he did think it was a little funny that she had a picture of my brother and my sister and one of herself... when my eldest step sister came to stay she asked my step dad about the photos and he said you need to you mum.... they both asked about the photos and of course mum had no idea what they were talking about so they took her to the wall that had the photos hanging... they pointed at the photos and said there is my brother and there is my sister and there is mum... mum just laughed and said no that's Nicole... they were so adamant that it was her and even after she told them again and again that it was me... I'm still not so sure they completely believe its me... next time I'm down there I'll take a picture of the picture to show you want I mean :)

well anyways after getting a little side tracked there... we thought that it would be funny to have a few joke presents for my brothers 30th birthday... and one of them was this

He loved it and thought it was soooooo funny.. and its been lovingly hung in the garage... 

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