Saturday, 28 February 2015


Now I love batman.. he is the coolest super hero out there and I love all things batman... I often buy things for my hubby or nephews that are batman related because I love him so much and well they do too :P... my sisters youngest loves batman and has cool things like batman shoes and all sorts... I love asking him if he is batman... because he always adamant that he's not batman :P... our conversation goes like this:

me: are you batman?
him: no I'm not batman
me: OMG your batman, hi batman
him: I'm not batman
me: your batman

and so on and so forth :P hehe he's about to turn 4 so its very cute.... and its really important to be very serious when asking him if he is batman...

the other funny thing that has happened with this nephew of mine.. he's been telling my sister for a little while that auntie nikki is making him a batman chocolate cake with blue icing and batman candles for his birthday :P I'm just glad that my sister gave me the heads up :P

so post came about when I was wandering through costco and came across these cool gumboots

how cool are they?

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