Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cadbury Injury Again

yes our lovely puppy has injured herself again... and of all days for her to hurt herself it was Christmas Day... after my sister went home (so it was just us and my MIL) we decided to let Cadbury have a little swim in the pool... we have an above ground pool that gets erected in the hot months only... she couldnt jump in by herself but with the water level she could jump out.. she sometimes needed to be shown the way out which is exactly what happened when she hurt herself... hubby coaxed her out and as she jumped out she banged her back foot on the edge of the pool... after she ran around a bit we could see her back toe dislocating... it was just popping in and out and she didnt seem to notice or care too much... we managed to get her into the vet the next morning and they had a good look at her foot and sure enough the top third of her toe was dislocating in and out... 

how do you treat this? splint and bandage for 2 weeks which doesnt work 95% of the time which then results in needing surgery to amputate the tip

when this photo was taken she was on sedation and pain relief to cope 

the cone designed to stop her from licking her foot didnt work too well but we kept it on for as long as possible 

luckily Cadbury fell into the 5% because the split helped stabilise her toe and not need surgery.. but a complication from having the split on were pressure injuries to her feet and pad so more pain relief, antibiotics and sedation to give the wound a chance to heal.... 

we did have to change pain relief drugs on to a more milder drug, and there was a point that they thought she would cope without pain relief and that didnt end well.. being a labrador she still bounced around even when she was unwell or in pain and my only advice is you know your pet so speak up... I had a a4 sheet of paper with all the reasons she needed to be on pain relief and how I knew she was unwell... she was not eating, started limping when the previous day she had be fine and she didnt quite seem herself... we are very lucky and have a fantastic vet and they put her back on pain relief for the duration of her antibiotics which I was very happy about... and so was Cadbury

eating her ham bone

not very impressed with her santa toy

tucked up in her puppy nest

after getting to take the bandage off (with the cone still on) they asked us to stop her from licking her foot to give it a chance to heal... well that didnt happen and because she was licking the same spot and the cone was rubbing her leg is rubbed off a patch of fur...

she still hasnt got back to walking just yet but I think were almost there

fingers crossed its not too long

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