Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 132 (Posted Late)

so I didn't take any photos of the garden for ages... I didn't realise just how long it had been and I'm trying to be better but I can't make any promises....

so after being a while since I had been in the garden I had a look at my wombok (which didnt turn out very well) and realised something had been eating it

on closer inspection I found tiny little caterpillars had eaten my plants

they were even on the zucchini leaves

and had pretty much eaten all the leaves

I still get a little excited about the zucchini flowers :) 

so I covered everything with veggie dust... I didnt want to use chemicals and I try not to use anything if I don't have to but this was drastic measures with a caterpillar infestation

this is one of my zucchini plants

the first planter box (with caterpillar infested wombok and all) the capsicums are meant to be growing in the back right hand corner with no luck)

my sister got me my owl for christmas... they are great to keep the birds away just make sure you move it every couple of days so the birds think its real

first planter box lots of pumpkin growing

more pumpkin

zucchini in the back corner there

and the very small capsicums

the mint has in this picture died... but the rosemary is going strong (which is good considering my track record with rosemary).... I didn't pull out the mint and it worked out to be a great idea

dill which I have pruned back a little more

this is the second planter box 
raspberry bush will need to be staked soon



rhubarb hasnt really grown much

I had an extra zucchini plant that didnt fit in the other box so I put it in here

this is the third planter box

just looking back at the second planter box

more of the third planter box



wild growing cucumber



broccoli which was being eaten by something



so that was my garden as of the being of January.... :D

has anyone had problems with pests and if so what did you use/do?

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