Sunday, 1 March 2015

Cadbury Turns 1

it was pretty exciting to reach Cadbury's first birthday... its been a huge first year and I'm pretty glad to be at the end of it... but being that I'm a crazy fur parent of course we celebrated the day with presents, cake and a trip to her favourite place... 

I was trying to get a picture of the birthday girl... and with her big bone in mouth she thought I was going to take it back so she wasnt very keen to get close to me :P 

but I got there in the end

so not only did she get her big bone (and I'm talking huge bone :P) she also got a new bed (she ate the last few) toys and treats..

this is her new bed... how long did it last? 2 sleeps and she had eaten a hole in the side and started to pull out the stuffing... at the moment I'm debating if I should mend it or chuck it... I'm leaning towards mending because it hasnt lasted very long

this is Cadbury after the dog park on the drive home

I was glad we took my husband's car look at all the dribble

I made her a carrot and peanut butter birthday cake and I was going to melt some carob over the top but I got lazy

and just sprinkled them on top :P

cadbury has to work for all food so here she is waiting to be allowed to have her cake

she loved it :P

here she is pleased as punch after her special birthday treats :) 

all in all a great day... hopefully she grows up soon :P this puppy business is hard work :) but she's worth it

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