Sunday, 1 March 2015

Cadbury's Latest Problem

I take Cadbury into the vet to get a check up on her foot and to get checked for the dreaded hip dysplasia.. why you ask? well she sits funny

she always sits to the side like this which I thought was normal for a long time but apparently isnt...

her middle wobbles from side to side heaps when she walks which I was worried about and she does the bunny hop kind of run when she is chasing after things as in she uses her back two feet together to push her along...

so they take her out the back to have a look at her hips (with a little help from a veterinary nurse) and they come back to tell me she has a luxating patella... the quote comes in at a lot of money.. no lets revise that to a crazy amount of money to spend on a dog to have surgery and of course what do we do... we go through with it...

I book her in and it was lucky that a specialist was visiting and was able to do the surgery with our vet scrubbing in to assist... while she was under they said they would do xrays of her hips (which is the best way to diagnose hip dysplasia as well as xrays of her knees and toes, they would also have a good feel and see if she had damaged her cruciate ligament (which was even more money to fix)... well the good news is she didnt damage her cruciate ligament and doesnt have hip dysplasia but both knees have luxating patellas... with the left knee being worse than the right (which they said was from an injury that we don't know when or how it happened but explained the mystery limp that she had back in October) the vet said it was genetic so we have contacted the breeder to let them know that she had had problems

but for now its rest in the laundry sedation, pain pills and no running around (which is easier said than done)

I'm hoping that everything goes well and that the injections that she has to get for the left knee will postpone having to do the right knee for as long as we can

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