Sunday, 1 March 2015

Rainbow Cake

so its my birthday next week and I'm seeing my mum for my birthday so I thought I would make a cake and see my sister and nephews this weekend.... being that my favourite colour is pink it was only fitting that I would have a pink coloured cake and also I was testing out a new icing recipe which was pretty good if you ask me...

my hubby wasnt that keen to try it but once he knew it was just normal vanilla cake with normal flavoured icing he was happy to try it

it was a big surprise to everyone when I cut it open

next time I think I will smooth the outside edges so its not so obvious that there are layers..

and my new icing was some butter with some melted marshmallows then adding icing sugar until it was nice and thick... a little milk helped thin it out when I added a little too much icing sugar but it was really yummy :)

being that cadbury was inside and I had some frozen puppy birthday cake left in the freezer I got some out for her to enjoy

she decided that instead of eating it on the kitchen floor she would take it to her mat :P

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