Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Oven

We we bought our house we knew one the things we wanted to improve was the oven... it was awful 
it was old and I had to stick my head in it every time I wanted to light it because the clicker was broken and there was so much of a gap down the sides that things would drip or fall down between the cupboard and the oven and make it really difficult to get to to clean

we ended up changing our oven from an all gas oven to a gas cook top and electric oven (which was expensive to do) but its in now and works fantastically :)

I love how shiny it is :) yay

and I hope it stays nice and clean and shiny 

My Sister's Eggs

My sister has some chickens :) and they have finally started laying (it felt like they took ages to get going) and we got some a little while ago :)

so what do you make with fresh laid eggs? we decided on scrambled eggs :)

and you cant have scrambled eggs without 'i love you' toast

they were the yummiest eggs I had ever had :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Happy Easter Everyone :)

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter and plenty of chocolate :) its the only day of the year that I eat chocolate for breakfast :P

and if the Easter bunny didn't make it to your house.. it could be because Cadbury caught an Easter Bunny :P

the Easter Bunny even left a Easter Egg Hunt

Cadbury knew there were presents on the other side of the door for her :)

and who doesn't like a lovely Easter breakfast :)