Friday, 22 May 2015

Nephew's Birthdays 2015

Its that time of year again :) and my nephews again chose what cakes they wanted this year... so Hunter chose a Batman cake and Seth wanted a Pokemon cake... I did need a little clarification on which Pokemon he wanted so he went through his Pokemon book and pointed to which Pokemon he wanted

and that's when I knew it was going to be difficult :P

so I made the figurines first

Magmar took over 2 hours and batman took half an hour :P

I made 2 of each cakes... 2 chocolate and 2 caramel... and this time I decided to make a caramel sauce and a chocolate sauce to put in the middle of the layers

this was the caramel sauce

starting with the sugar

adding the butter

after I added the cream

then once it was off the stove

the more it cooled the thicker it got... I also only added 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt instead of the 1 teaspoon like the recipe

 the chocolate sauce

it was pretty much like a ganche recipe

it also got thicker as it cooled

then I needed to make some butter cream and this is the first time I've used Simply Egg Whites... but I don't think it was as good for making butter cream because it took longer to whip up

when the egg whites are over the heat with the sugar

I wait to see when the mixture is smooth and hot before putting them in the kitchen aid

the butter ready to go

the test to see if the egg whites are ready for the butter to be added

once all the butter was added and the vanilla... the first time I made it I thought I had stuffed it but now I realised I hadnt so I changed to the paddle attachment to whip it out

once its ready I add some caramel sauce to one half

and some chocolate sauce to the other half

and now I was ready to assemble the cakes :)

so a little butter cream on the board to hold it on and a little bit of caramel on the bottom layer

and the same with the chocolate cake

so then some butter cream

and the second cake

and the same with the chocolate cake

the putting on the fondant

now is the fun part and I got to decorate the cakes :D

so I started with the Pokemon cake knowing that I would have to work quickly.. being that Magmar is a fire Pokemon I saw this picture and thought it looked cool

so I decided to start with yellow icing

then orange with some sparkly red

then more red

I was really happy with how it turned out

so then I started decorating Batman cake and this was my inspiration

I started by putting some yellow royal icing around the bottom (helps to seal the fondant) and then carefully cut out the bat man symbol... normally I let things like that dry before I put it on the cake but because I was molding it to the cake it was easier to do it and let it dry (it was also very thin so it dried over  night)

then I made some buildings.. I had made some buildings when I made Batman but they were too light so I made some building in black to show up against the grey background

and all good buildings need windows :) so I cut out heaps and got to sticking them on

the very last thing that I needed was some letter

and last of all adding the cake toppers

Finished Magmar Cake

Finished Batman Cake 

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