Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pioneer Museum Park Kangaroo Valley

I had a weekend away book with some friends but some of them couldnt end up making it so instead hubby and I had a weekend away together (which was lovely)

one of the things we did was we went to the museum in kangaroo valley it was amazing to see how much they had there

we got to the swing bridge and you could cross over and go along the walking track but my hubby was too scared to walk across it

but I was pretty impressed that I walked the whole way across

we then found this creaky old bridge that lead to the school house... hubby again didnt want to walk across it and it looked a bit dodgy to me so I found another way round without having to walk on it and hubby dashed across it

and when we walked back over it to go back I walked quickly with hubby hot on my heels :P just in case it collapsed he would land on me :P

it was really nice and interesting to wander around the museum 

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