Sunday, 26 July 2015


wow what a fantastic time away :) it seemed to take forever to get here and went way to quickly :) okay so not many people would wait 3 and a half years to have a honeymoon (and still count it as a honeymoon) but that's what we had.. we went to Daydream Island and had ourselves a lovely time :D

here are a few pictures from our honeymoon

this is the outdoor cinema

one of the many pools

view from our room

there were hammocks everywhere and they were so comfy (I want one now :P)

sunset nibbles

wild fish feeding at Lover's cove

private picnic at Whitehaven Beach (it was like our own private beach)

helicopter we rode in to Whitehaven Beach (hands down the best thing we did)

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach
 Whitehaven Beach

stingray barb

sunset view from our room

living reef

cocktails by Splashes the swim up bar (so much fun)

living reef

coral in the living reef

one of the many pools

Mermaid's Beach

all the toilets had beach themed toilet seats (:P I just had to take a picture)

sunrise from our room on the last day

wild parrot fish and diamond scale mullet at Lover's Cove

Glass bottom boat

Lover's Cove

Our lovely little memento from a lovely staff member at Daydream Island

It was the perfect escape from a pretty big year but we are back to real life (and we don't like it too much :P)

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