Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cadbury's Nest

Cadbury and I seem to have the same thing that we try and fix every time... we always have a mat for Cadbury in the lounge room for her to sit on (originally is was a bed or basket but she eats them so now its only blankets :P) and I always have it out straight and flat

then she comes along and does this:

and will either lie not on the blanket or continue her nest making

the blanket always ends up in a screwed up ball and she will sit on it for about 10 minutes before she decides that its more comfortable to sleep on the carpet..

it then starts again and I straighten it out and she makes a nest

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


last week while I was having lunch at work someone looked out the window and said it was snowing and raining at the same time.. we debated for a little while the difference between snow and sleet (I don't think everyone was convinced that it was sleet) but after about 10-15 minutes of sleet the real snow started falling... and that's when we all agreed that it was definitely snowing... it was disappointing that it didn't settle on the ground but I haven't seen it snow here in years and years

it just goes to show what a cold winter we have had this year

Puppy Road Trip

We took Cadbury up to visit my in laws and she normally lies with her back against the back seat and stretches out as much as she can :P this time she lay with her back against the front seats (I'm not sure if the picture shows it that well) it was just lucky that I had wedged some blankets and pillows behind our seats but she did mange to get wedged down between in all (not that she really cared)

Work Baby Shower Cake

One of the girls at work is having a baby and we we going to have a baby shower for her at work.. in the end she was unwell and we had to postpone the baby shower but at that point it was too late as I had already made the cake and had the decorations drying..there was a friend at work who was also making a cake so we decided to both bring our cakes in on the day..

it was a little funny to see everyone's faces and they kept asking me if I knew that the baby shower had been postponed.. 

they all loved the cake... it was like a pack of wolves had devoured the entire cake and there were some people who didn't even get a chance so have some...

I was just excited to finally be able to make my little booties (which I have been wanting to make for months now but didn't have an excuse to make them...

so this is what the cake looked like :)





I was so pleased with the end result :) I did have a flower pick in the cake because I was going to have the letters baby spelled out on wire but then because it wasn't for real I decided not to worry...

but I was very happy with the booties and the beautiful light blue colour :) everything was edible except the lollipop stick and the ribbon (and of course the flower pick)...

no one wanted to cut the cake so when I went to morning tea I cut my cake (but I couldn't cut my friend's because she hadn't come to morning tea yet and someone else decided it would be a good idea to just eat the one cake and give the other cake to the girl whose baby shower it was going to be :) 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Rainbow Jelly

The past few weeks hubby has been sick (man flu so very serious) and to help him feel better I made jelly... and then I started getting a bit creative because just making jelly wasn't that challenging so I decided to make rainbow jelly.. it did take a long time to make sure all the layers were set but worth it in the end

I loved the colours and in the end it all just tasted like jelly :D it was delicious and very good at keeping me from catching the dreaded man flu :P

Creme Brulee

While we were on our honeymoon we had the most delicious ginger and lemongrass creme brulee.. so when we got home we wanted to make some for ourselves.. but since we didn't have a recipe we just made it up.. ( I have to say it was a really helpful situation to have a husband that is a chef) and this was the first time I had ever made creme brulee (shocking I know :P )

the first thing we needed was a brulee torch and this was the one we decided on (I think it was partially because it was green and that's hubby's favourite colour

this is the cream mixture

the egg yolk mixture

the finally product about to go in the oven

the yummy end product (the other handy part about having a husband who is a chef is he can do all the potentially dangerous things like using a brulee torch)

they were very yummy :) not quite the same but pretty close for a first attempt

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Wax Melts And Candles

I love the sweet scents that drifts through the house when I'm burning candles or wax melts... and I have to say I'm a little bit of a sucker for different ones based either on their smell or their name :P

this one is monkey farts :D as you can tell I was drawn by the name :P

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bat Dog Adventures

I bought a princess bandanna for Cadbury and every time I put it on her my hubby calls her batdog dog.. and she's very happy to wear it until she sees it out of the corner of her eye and then she catches it and tries to pull it off :)...

after a busy day fighting crime :P (more like destroying toys) batdog can finally rest easy :P

Saturday, 1 August 2015

You Know Its Winter When....

you come out from an evening shift and you have ice on your windscreen..

Winter sucks (okay its not so bad but not as fun as summer)