Sunday, 16 August 2015

Creme Brulee

While we were on our honeymoon we had the most delicious ginger and lemongrass creme brulee.. so when we got home we wanted to make some for ourselves.. but since we didn't have a recipe we just made it up.. ( I have to say it was a really helpful situation to have a husband that is a chef) and this was the first time I had ever made creme brulee (shocking I know :P )

the first thing we needed was a brulee torch and this was the one we decided on (I think it was partially because it was green and that's hubby's favourite colour

this is the cream mixture

the egg yolk mixture

the finally product about to go in the oven

the yummy end product (the other handy part about having a husband who is a chef is he can do all the potentially dangerous things like using a brulee torch)

they were very yummy :) not quite the same but pretty close for a first attempt

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