Saturday, August 1, 2015

Handy Woman

a little while ago my helpful hubby attempted to fix our blinds in the lounge room as they were stuck so the shutters were open.. so what he did was untangle everything and leave them shut.. this meant that the shutters couldn't be opened the only way to open them was to pull open the entire blind... finally after a few weeks of waiting for him to fix the blinds I finally gave up and decided to do it myself... so after trying to fix it while still hanging I googled how to pull the blinds down (being that this was the first time I had tried to fix the blinds)... and I managed to get the blinds down... and I googled again trying to figure out how to fix my problem and I couldn't figure it out so I instead decided to pull down another blind to see how it worked and within about 10 minutes I had fixed the blinds and rehung them :D I was very pleased with my success and my hubby was pleased too.... it just goes to show sometimes I can fix things with the right motivation :D 

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