Sunday, 29 November 2015

More Raspberries

I'm so excited about all my raspberries growing and every day I'm out looking to see if I can pick some more...

these were the ones I picked on Thursday

and these were from Saturday

Look at all those berries :D 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Caramel Mini Macarons

with another staff member leaving and another afternoon tea organised I had a crazy thought that I would make macarons...mid week...  I know I'm crazy... and its been a while since I've made macarons so it was always going to be a challenge but I did buy a macaron mat and had been meaning to test it out and it seemed as good as any time to test it out.. so after making the batter I carefully piped them out and the more I piped the easier it was to get them to be more uniformed... I baked a batch at a time (deciding that I needed to buy a second macaron mat to be able to pipe a second batch while waiting for the first batch to cool)

I also made some caramel :D which is always good

but after finishing the caramel I read a recipe that said you could beat the caramel to make it more buttercreamish and light... which I did and it was delicious

so all I had to do was assemble them

the all important taste test :D

and they were good... so good that people were taking multiple at a time :) I won't leave it so long before making the next batch of macarons :D

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

with someone retiring at work we put on a big afternoon tea and everyone usually brings something to share... I decided to make lemon meringue cupcakes :D my very first attempt at lemon meringue cupcakes so I was a little bit nervous :)

I made the same cupcake recipe as the rainbow cupcakes but didn't separate it into colours (obviously)... and I made the lemon curd from the lemon meringue cupcake recipe (which was the first time I've made this one).. and I have to admit I needed hubby expertise to help fix my curd that didn't quite work out for me.... in the end it was a beautiful curd.. and the meringue I made the same as the rainbow cupcakes again with the egg whites and sugar...

I had to scoop out the top of the cupcakes to pipe in the curd before piping the icing... it was a bit time consuming but they tasted lovely :)

this one didn't make the cut :P so I had to taste test it :P

left over cake bits are the best :D

especially when you have left over curd

and left over meringue :D

it was so yummy

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Has Come Early

with such a hard year mostly behind me I decided that I was going to put the Christmas tree up earlier than usual... normally I put it up the last week in November but this year it was the first week of November :D

it helped that I needed to buy a new one and it was on special (half price) so of course I needed to look and see what it looked like :D

this was it bare

and fully decorated

with my little angel on top

and my special little angel on the tree :)

someone said it was bad luck to put your Christmas tree up early but I've never believed that :) I love to enjoy Christmas just that little bit longer (considering I count down from Boxing Day)

Tea Again :D

I didn't drink any tea for a while completely went off it (and I was pretty surprised about that) but I had my first cup of tea again and it was delicious :D

definitely going to have to drink more of the stuff :)

Interesting Plant

while getting in an pulling out the overgrown wombok in spring I came across an interesting plant....

wondering if anyone has any idea of what it could be? :P

it just goes to show you never know what might grow in my garden :P

Raspberry Bush :D

last year I didn't get any raspberries off my bush and I was a little disappointed..then over the winter I was worried that it hadn't made it through because of the extreme weather but as soon as spring arrived it went absolutely nuts and I was sooooo excited to see that there were raspberries growing :D

so you can see the green bush in the middle of picture is the raspberry bush and this was taken about 2 months ago

this was the first sign of raspberries

some even turning red :D

this is how big the bush is


my very first raspberries

and I've picked some more today :D makes it a lot nicer than $5 a punnet like I saw in the shops today.. pretty impressive when I started with what looked like 2 dead sticks :D


Look at the amazing shallots growing in my garden :D I used my hand as a guide :)

I just love being able to pick what I need from the garden :)

Halloween 2015

I know I'm a bit late posting this but better late than never.. this year we went down the coast for Halloween which was nice :) we didn't dress up but we had lollies to hand out to kids... we had gummy body parts that were really gross looking :P but we also had some trick lollies for some of the older kids who didn't make any effort in dressing up... Australia is catching on to Halloween but its not something that we get into 
some years we get heaps of kids and other years no one knocks on the door so its a bit hard to get too excited about it

this was our trick lollies... I'm sure some people love them but I'd love to know how many kids love to eat licorice... we only gave these to older children

my Frankenstein head basket filled with lollies ready and waiting for the kiddies to arrive

I thought it would be funny to have a gummy eye :P hey you have to have a little bit of fun