Monday, 14 December 2015

61 Gingerbread Men

over the weekend I went to work and made a huge batch of gingerbread men and 1 gingerless bread man... I made them to take into work as a little something to say Merry Christmas to everyone :)

so this is my first batch of dough resting

cooked gingerbread men

my many batches of gingerbread men decorated

the finished product :) all wrapped up and ready to take to work

its a pity I ended up getting sick and not being able to deliver them today.. oh well I'll take them in on Wednesday

I had some scraps of dough left over at the end so I made these for my husband

and this gingerbread man died in the process so of course he had to be eaten

my hubby requested lots of jellies on his cookies :P

this is the gingerless bread man for a friend who is allergic to ginger :) so I made it first to make sure it wouldnt get contaminated

all wrapped up and ready to go

anyone else doing Christmas baking? I had a Christmas movie on in the background while making these.. I love Christmas

Update: everyone loved them :) it didn't take long for the box to be empty and I had people coming up to tell me that they loved them and thank you :) thats the best part of baking for me :D

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