Saturday, 19 December 2015

Candy Cane Macarons

For the work Christmas party this year I made Candy Cane Macarons.. I started with plain white shells

and then I crushed some candy canes

and made peppermint buttercream.. the truth is I kind of winged it :P I put the butter in my kitchen aid and whipped it until it was almost white 

then I added some peppermint essence and then icing sugar until it was a nice consistency... and added some red food dye and some of the crushed candy canes (and a note for future baking any crushed candy canes that get put in buttercream make sure they are fine and not lumpy like I did)

I wanted it to be nice and thick so I could pipe it into the shells

because I had chunky bits of candy cane I blocked 2 different piping tips and tried to unclog them with no success so I just ended up piping without a tip :P

so I started with piping a little on the bottom shell and with a little practice it was better to be a bit more generous with the buttercream

when the top shell was placed on I squished the two together so that some of the buttercream came out the edges and I then I rolled the edges in the crushed candy canes which stuck nicely with the over flowing buttercream

this is them all done and resting

and then I put them on a Christmas plate to take to work but realised very quickly that I had made more than I thought 

I had to add an extra layer on top to fit them all on

and I'm happy to report that people were raving about them :) 

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