Saturday, 19 December 2015

Early Christmas Present For Cadbury

its hard to wait until Christmas for presents and Cadbury has been looking at the presents under the Christmas tree but always told to leave them... she's been very good so we thought we would see what she would do if she was given a present... I didn't get any pictures of her with her Christmas stocking but I wished that I had.. she was very cute she held the toe part of the stocking and sat on her mat holding it.. so I helped her tip it out and at the very bottom were she was holding was a pork bone treat so she got that to eat.... but when we gave her the next one I made sure I had my camera ready

she was very interested but didn't know what to do with it

she finally got into it

its a tricky business of pulling it out

she was very interested in it :)


taking her giraffe to her mat

she did a good job getting into her present

I think she likes it :)

I think it was the best $10 I spent :P hehe

it didn't take long before she got in and ripped out some of the stuffing... it looks like this toy is going to be like all the others :P

Does anyone else get presents for their pets? what have you got for them?

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