Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Lemon Slice

I went to my first Australian Breastfeeding Association meeting, which I was very nervous about but it went really well :) I think I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect and its a whole new situation to put myself in.  They were really friendly and I can't wait to go again :)

I decided to make some lemon slice to take to the meeting :) and after looking at a lot of recipes I came across the tupperware lemon slice.  the only thing I didn't do was include the passion fruit in the icing.  It worked out well because Hubby's Uncle had given us a whole bunch of lemons so Lemon slice was a really good choice.

and it tasted good too :) the only problem I had with it was it gave me terrible indigestion and reflux, but I ate it regardless :P I was happy to suffer to eat that delicious lemon slice

anyone else tried a tupperware recipe?

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Remembering Our Babies Keepsake, Pregnancy Loss Support, Official Site of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day October 15th:

Today is Pregnancy & Infant loss remembrance day, and sadly 12 months ago today was when I had my heartbreaking loss.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about that baby that could've been but never was.  Nothing anyone could ever say or do will heal that hole in my heart.  

It's bitter sweet, here I am sitting here 9 months pregnant with my baby wiggling around inside of me, waiting impatiently for her arrival when just 12 months ago the heart break was almost to much to bear.  

There are a few things that I still have to help me every day.  My bear of hope sits on the shelf above my bed, that a friend gave me when I was having a really hard time.  One day I hope I will be able to pass this little bear on to someone struggling to deal with their grief.  My angel that hangs above my head, that a friend gave me.  Until the night I hung it over my bed I couldn't sleep, now I couldn't imagine it not being there. And lastly the flowers I planted out the front of our house, that I never thought would last this long or flower in such beautiful rainbow colours.  Every day I see them when I step out my door and they remind me of how far I have come.  None of these things take away that heartbreak but they help me cope and manage day to day.  

At 7 pm tonight I will light a candle to remember all those babies to precious to walk on the Earth or taken too soon.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Lego Expo

We went to the Lego expo this year, it was surprising just how inventive people can be with these tiny little bricks..

Choc Chip Cookie Cake

Work morning or afternoon teas are fantastic :) everyone brings a plate and its like a big picnic :)

I decided to make a choc chip cookie cake, mainly because I was craving chocolate and came across this recipe..

it was interesting with the addition of corn flour, and it was a really yummy giant cookie.  I baked it in a silicone cake tin so it was easy to removed when it was completely baked..

Sleeping Puppy

I love watching Cadbury sleep in the funniest ways :) she has a funny personality

Breakfast Muffins

I'm sure some of you will understand that being pregnant and eating well can sometimes be a difficult task.. so I decided I would make some breakfast muffins to help give me something a bit healthier to snack on but something tasty as well :)

I used a recipe using yogurt in muffins and I love yogurt so it just makes sense. I also find recipes with yogurt in them are more moist than without.. and I sprinkled some almonds on top

again I forgot to take pictures of them afterwards :P but they tasted pretty good.. I also made an apricot version of these muffins too.. yum

Almond & Chocolate Biscotti

Nonna would've been proud of me :) I made my first batch of biscotti and I have to say it was delicious :) hubby loved it too

and the recipe came from my favourite recipe book.. the best part about it, it was a really easy recipe.. and I can't believe I didn't attempt it earlier

I forgot to take pictures after this point :P (pregnancy brain strikes again) but it didn't last long

it was so good, I've made 2 more batches :) and I can't wait to make them again

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Nursery Curtains

I was looking for some fabric that would be good to make curtains for the nursery.. originally I wanted to have something with pink elephants (because they are so cute) but I couldn't find anything I liked at a reasonable price... but I did come across some very pretty purple fairy fabric 

I didn't want to make it too pink (even though I love pink who knows if she will) and thought this would be perfect

I spent a weekend making them and am just waiting for the curtain rod to go up and I can hang them up :)