Saturday, 30 January 2016

First Tomato Harvest

So one of the reasons I asked my sister over was to help pick some tomatoes.. 

so this is what my tomato plants looked like pre harvesting..

and this is what we picked

I was a little disappointed that the only red tomato had been eaten by a worm but out of 47 tomatoes loosing 4 isn't so bad

this is just over 3 kgs of freshly picked tomatoes

and then a week later I picked another 2 kgs

so my total is at about 5kgs of tomatoes... the 2kgs I took and gave to my father in law and I gave some to my sister and grandparents.. but I still have about 2 kgs of tomatoes waiting to ripen :)... so for now I have a handful ripening and the rest in the fridge... 

I never really understood the green thumb reference until I played with my tomato plants :P 

Cadbury & Harley

my nephews got a puppy for Christmas (he's a very little puppy) and we decided that it was time for Cadbury and Harley to meet.. 

we started off really slow and all cadbury wanted to do was play and harley wasn't so sure.. after a little while we let them be together and waited to see what would happen



this is the first time my nephews could come into the backyard with out getting jumped on my cadbury

harley did try and hide behind my egg chair


after a little while we decided to give harley a rest and he came inside and found a bone on cadbury's mat


and he also got a carrot (and so did cadbury)

after a day of playing cadbury slept the rest of the afternoon and so did harley :P
it will be interesting how they go together next time :)

Lamington Cake

after flicking through a few recipe books I got for Christmas I had the sudden urge to make lamingtons.. but then I thought I could make it a lamington cake instead... 

in the cook book 4 ingredients cook 4 a cure they had a coconut cake so I started with making that.. and then I made some raspberry jam :D well a bit more like raspberry sauce with my entire crop from this summer (which was almost half a kg but that's better than last years crop which was none :P)

cooking the raspberry sauce on the stove (look at all those seeds)

so I decided to strain out the seeds

it was a big job and at first it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere 

and then it started to get really thick

and I knew that I had sieved out as much as I could

and I was left with this beautifully red raspberry sauce

so after whipping up some cream I added cream and raspberry sauce to the bottom layer

and then the chocolate coconut buttercream to the top... I did need to whip the cream a bit more and make the raspberry sauce a bit thicker because it all spilled out the edges

but it still tasted nice :)