Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cadbury & Harley

my nephews got a puppy for Christmas (he's a very little puppy) and we decided that it was time for Cadbury and Harley to meet.. 

we started off really slow and all cadbury wanted to do was play and harley wasn't so sure.. after a little while we let them be together and waited to see what would happen



this is the first time my nephews could come into the backyard with out getting jumped on my cadbury

harley did try and hide behind my egg chair


after a little while we decided to give harley a rest and he came inside and found a bone on cadbury's mat


and he also got a carrot (and so did cadbury)

after a day of playing cadbury slept the rest of the afternoon and so did harley :P
it will be interesting how they go together next time :)

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