Saturday, 30 January 2016

First Tomato Harvest

So one of the reasons I asked my sister over was to help pick some tomatoes.. 

so this is what my tomato plants looked like pre harvesting..

and this is what we picked

I was a little disappointed that the only red tomato had been eaten by a worm but out of 47 tomatoes loosing 4 isn't so bad

this is just over 3 kgs of freshly picked tomatoes

and then a week later I picked another 2 kgs

so my total is at about 5kgs of tomatoes... the 2kgs I took and gave to my father in law and I gave some to my sister and grandparents.. but I still have about 2 kgs of tomatoes waiting to ripen :)... so for now I have a handful ripening and the rest in the fridge... 

I never really understood the green thumb reference until I played with my tomato plants :P 

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