Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lamington Cake

after flicking through a few recipe books I got for Christmas I had the sudden urge to make lamingtons.. but then I thought I could make it a lamington cake instead... 

in the cook book 4 ingredients cook 4 a cure they had a coconut cake so I started with making that.. and then I made some raspberry jam :D well a bit more like raspberry sauce with my entire crop from this summer (which was almost half a kg but that's better than last years crop which was none :P)

cooking the raspberry sauce on the stove (look at all those seeds)

so I decided to strain out the seeds

it was a big job and at first it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere 

and then it started to get really thick

and I knew that I had sieved out as much as I could

and I was left with this beautifully red raspberry sauce

so after whipping up some cream I added cream and raspberry sauce to the bottom layer

and then the chocolate coconut buttercream to the top... I did need to whip the cream a bit more and make the raspberry sauce a bit thicker because it all spilled out the edges

but it still tasted nice :)

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