Sunday, 28 February 2016

Genoise Sponge

for Hubby's birthday I decided to try a new cake recipe from a cookbook on the shelf plus I had seen it being made on the Great British Bake Off.. and I had some cute little heart shaped tins that I hadn't used before so I thought I could used them...

so I added a little red dye to the mixture, and a little more each time and ended up with this:


I made some lemon cream cheese icing (hubby loves lemon) and iced the cakes (I had made 2 of each cake)

this one I thought had way too much icing on and didn't look very neat

but I liked how nice this one look :)

in the end it was a lovely tasting cake (even the one with too much icing) and its definitely a recipe to try again in the future

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