Sunday, 28 February 2016

Red Velvet Birthday Cake

with a big family there are lots of birthday cakes to make and lucky I love making birthday cakes.  my Mum has always wanted a red velvet cake and with my new recipe book I had a recipe to try :)..

after making the cake (and I followed the recipe exactly considering this was the first time making a red velvet cake and I had no idea what to expect) it was the softest cake I had ever felt.  I froze the cakes (I always find it easier to ice a hard cake rather than a soft cake and it also helps the cake to remain fresh for longer)

after making raspberry jam for the lamington cake I thought I may as well make it for the red velvet cake too rather than buying jam.  I used up all my raspberries that I had grown for the lamington cake so I bought some frozen raspberries and made jam out of them.. it wasn't as nice as the fresh raspberries that I had grown but it was still better than store bought :D

I also made a beautiful icing that they call ermine buttercream, and it was so delicious that I can't wait to make it again..

so all that was left was to put it all together and to get a nice equal amount of jam, cake and buttercream

so I did circles of jam and buttercream (and I have to admit that the picture in the recipe book looked so good when cut it was too good not to do)

the I covered the outside and piped some details so Mum wouldn't know what kind of cake it was.. also it had to travel 2 hours so it was good that it was relatively intact (minus a few little details on the edges)
and all birthday cakes need a candle :)

Mum was so surprised when it was cut and she loved it... we had so much cake left over I gave some to my sister and grandparents and they all loved it too :)

I have to admit that it was an incredibly delicious cake and I can't wait to try it again :D

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