Tuesday, February 16, 2016


my watermelon plant has gone absolutely wild

and I was sure that there weren't any watermelon  growing like last time I tried to grow watermelons, but it was lucky that my sister found a little watermelon growing behind the fence that I had no idea was even there

little watermelons are so cute... well after I found this one I was determined that it wasn't going to be the only one... so I went around fertilising as many flowers as I could

you can see in the photo above that there is a male and female flower (the female flower has what looks like a small watermelon) and I do the same as I do with the pumpkins and zucchinis and break off the male flowers and fertilise the female flowers :)

after doing this I found 2 more watermelons much smaller than the first one.  one was growing on Cadbury's side of the fence and the other on the inside of the veggie patch.. as they got bigger I wondered if Cadbury would do anything but left it be for ages.  

I came home one day to find that Cadbury had found a ball

the naughty little watermelon thief stole it right off the vine.  she was so proud of herself too.  so I made sure all the watermelons growing were tucked safely in the veggie box and no more will grow on her side of the fence.  I shouldn't be surprised either but I just thought she would leave it be after it had been left the whole time.. 

Oh well it did give me the opportunity to see what the inside of the watermelon looks like on the inside, if it starts with a small amount of pink or if its all white

so there you go if you ever wondered now you can see the flesh is white until it ripens :)

hopefully I can keep the other watermelons safe until the end of the season :)

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