Saturday, 25 June 2016

Watermelon Harvest

when I (well with the help of hubby) finally picked the watermelons there were 3 that were of decent size to pick.  after thinking about it for a while I decided to pull out the scales to weigh the watermelons to see how big they were...

that's over 16 kg of watermelon :D I was so happy with them.. the only problem I had was morning sickness had taken over me and I was completely turned off watermelon, so my sister got the smaller 2 and I gave the other one to my friend...the best part was when my sister cut into it and it was nice and pink :) it made it all worthwhile

Lemon Lime Meringue Tart

hubby loves lemon meringue pie, its his favourite and the most requested dessert in our house.. normally I short cut and use store bought pastry.. but I got a fantastic cook book for Christmas and decided to try out the pastry recipe..

it was fantastic :D and sooo easy at the same time and now my go to recipe book for pastry..

I made lemon and lime meringue pie using the Margaret Fulton's lime meringue pie... and hubby just loved them :) I had love heart pastry cases and thought they were the perfect size :)

it was pretty good with ice cream :)

Anyone have a great lemon or lime meringue recipe that they love to use?

Cadbury Pictures :)

Cadbury has hardly left my side since I found out I was pregnant.  She constantly sniffs my legs which was reassuring during the early weeks (we called her our pregnancy sniffing puppy) and she has been at my feet (or under my feet) ever since.
Cadbury doesn't always like having her picture taken and I end up with a lot of blurry photos as a result :P but there are the ones that aren't blurry

she always looks like a sad puppy but never wants to go out unless we do as well

posing for a picture when I was taking a belly picture

watching tv.. I always think its soo cute :)

I love Cadbury's cute personality :)

Pregnancy Countdown Top DIY

I got the idea of having a countdown top when I saw it here.. and decided that I could make something myself.  after a bit of searching and thinking of how I was going to make it I ended up with this:

a maternity top
number stamps

I added a little paint to the stamps and measured out as I went to fit 5 numbers per line


this is what it looked like in the end

and we have been taking pictures every week since 5 weeks :) (both front on and a side on picture)

this is the front on pictures so far :) its nice to be able to see my tummy growing and I can see in the early pictures when I wasn't feeling so good either

Has anyone else taken pictures like this as a memory for their pregnancy?

I'm Back :)

Hi Everyone :)

Sorry I've been MIA for the last few months but I promise I have a very good reason :)

I've been growing a baby :D

We're very excited to be welcoming our first child in November :)