Thursday, 18 August 2016

Nephew's Birthday Cakes 2016

I also made a cake for the boys for the family celebration we have every year to celebrate their birthdays..

I did say to the boys this year to make it easy on me :P so Hunter wanted a minion cake, with one eye and chocolate flavoured.  He usually picks the easier cake, where as Seth asked for a yu gi oh cake.  He then wanted a star wars cake (which was much easier than yu gi oh) and finally settled on a light saber cake, coloured red and vanilla cake.

this is the shaped light saber awaiting icing

then I added the fondant 

this is the vanilla buttercream I used in the beginning

and I added some cocoa to make chocolate buttercream

and the minioning begins

covering with fondant

adding the eye

and I forgot to take a final picture at home with the strap and hair completed

a few of the adults thought it was a little funny when it was getting cut due to the shape of the light saber

the most important thing is they both tasted yummy :)

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