Sunday, 26 November 2017

Veggie Patch

the best part of spring is planting new veggies :)

so these are my cherry tomatoes, all are a different type and colour and they all have heaps of flowers growing :D 

after last year when the raspberry bush went crazy I decided to make sure it was kept under control this year.  I did come into the veggie patch thinking that something was wrong because the bush was hanging on the ground, it turned out the berries were weighing it down and it needed a little support

there's heaps of berries growing, so far I've picked 20 raspberries and little miss absolutely loves them, so lucky we have them growing it the veggie patch because they are expensive to buy

the final box has a mix of veggies


no flowers yet

beetroot, which has grown massively from all the rain we've been getting

and finally sweet potato which is slowly growing

I can't wait to get some veggies from the veggie patch :)

what are you growing?

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