Sunday, 24 December 2017

Elf day 24

This morning Peppermint was sitting near the Christmas tree with a box and some colouring in placemats. Today the boys found the box very quickly hehe :'D
When we opened the box we found a letter from Santa, a Christmas movie , a Christmas penguin toy, a Christmas Story, reindeer food, 3 nice list certificates, some individual bags of popcorn and some chocolate.
There was a clean potato delivered yesterday because mr attitude arrived.  Luckily he didn't stay long, and no more potatoes have arrived since.
If you're really naughty Santa delivers a dirty potato in your stocking that replaces a present. Luckily all the kids have been really good they all got a nice list certificate :) one of them thought they were going to get a naughty list certificate because of his potato.  I think he was pretty pleased to have a nice list certificate :)

The colouring in placemats were great :) all the adults and children sat around the table and coloured for about half an hour :)
It was nice to relax and have a colour and all the kids have a placement for christmas day :)

Peppermint goes back to the north pole tonight. Santa will pick him up when he comes past tonight :)

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