Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Growing raspberries

I've decided that it's lucky that we grow our own raspberries. After doing the grocery shopping the other day, I couldn't believe the price of raspberries. $44 per kg is crazy and there is no way I would be able to justify buying them for that price even if little miss will devour them. So lucky for her I spent  $10 on 2 dead sticks a few years back. Last year I got a good couple of kgs but didn't have the time to pick them or feel up to it (I spent a number of months after the birth recovering and having more surgery), so there could have been a lot more.
We had a thunderstorm here yesterday so I didn't get a chance to pick any raspberries yesterday. I picked heaps of raspberries today  they smell delicious

I love that every day I pick some berries and little miss loves them so much that I've only had a few. For dessert the last few nights she's had raspberries, mango and watermelon with greek yogurt  ( because I'm a mean mum and won't feed her yogurt with sugar in it, mainly because I don't eat it). I do find it funny that berries (blueberries or raspberries) are always eaten first 

I tried growing a blueberry bush but didn't get many berries and it died over the winter this year, so I think I will try again next year. I'm just lucky the blueberries have been on special this year 

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