Friday, 1 December 2017

Our elf

Christmas is almost here... I'm so excited 😀 and the best part is now I have a baby Christmas is going to be even better...
So being that today is 1st of December, Santa decided to send us an elf. It could be because little miss's cousins were a bit naughty last year and they all ended up with a potato in their stockings.

Our elf's name is Peppermint Merrymas. And he is adorable. We aren't having a real tree this year, mainly because I'm in the process of painting our house, so we have a felt Christmas tree.

So this morning Peppermint arrived under our felt Christmas tree with a letter from Santa. Little miss was so excited that she carried the letter or Peppermint around for about 20 mins, well until I showed her the present that he brought. A little box with Christmas pjs, another pair of pjs, some Christmas bibs and Christmas nappy cover.

He also brought all of us advent calenders. Little miss got a chocolate one, I got a gummy lolly one and daddy got a lego one. Peppermint also brought a Christmas cup, bowl and plate.

Some elves you can't touch, but luckily our elf you can touch. Little miss has had a lovely play with him today and because she had her needles today he came at the perfect time. Before going to bed we gave Peppermint a kiss goodnight, and I was wondering why little miss was giving such a big kiss. Turns out she was nibbling his nose 😛 note to self keep and eye on his nose hehe.

So after putting little miss I realised that I'd forgotten to open her advent calendar. So I did what any good mother would do, and I ate her chocolate hehe and I'm now not going to tell hubby.

Anyone else have an elf visit? What's their name?

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