Monday, 29 January 2018


I was looking at a few different mixed seed collections that you can buy and dandelions are part of what I was looking at. After looking at buying just dandelion seeds, I thought why buy them when I can see if there are any around my home.
It's funny how these things happen and all of a sudden there are dandelions popping up in my front yard. 
So I waited for one to almost puff up and then picked it and one that hadn't puffed at all. I put them on the dresser for a day or so and they puffed up :)
A little shake into an envelope and I have lots of seeds :) and more dandelions waiting to puff are now sitting on the dresser :)

and I know what some of you are thinking, why on earth would she want dandelions? it's a weed.. well wait and see :D I'll tell you all about it when I plant them

this is what they looked like a few days later :D

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