Monday, 15 January 2018


Wow, when I decided to take on the job of painting our house I didn't think it would be this hard or take so long. My step dad warned me it would take a good week solid to paint the entire house. My thoughts were, how hard could it be.
So I did what anyone who doesn't know what their doing and I went to Google, and searched for how to paint. It seemed pretty straight forward, and after a quick trip to bunnings to grab all my supplies I started painting.
Moving all the furniture and just general stuff out of the first room was hard work. I spent about a day in total painting the ceiling and then the walls in one bedroom. I ended up with bruises on my shins, which I later figured out was from leaning against the ladder rungs when I was painting. Although it did take a few days for me to figure it out.
Next I tackled the ceiling in the kitchen, lounge, dining and hallway. Mainly because it was one ceiling and it needed to be done before my step dad could put the lights in.
That took an entire day! And it felt like the longest day of my life, and it was at that point that I understood why people paid a fortune to get someone else to paint.
Luckily hubby had some time off work and was able to help paint the walls in the kitchen, lounge, dining and hallway. It was lucky for me, not so much for him, because I needed someone with longer arms and legs who could reach things I couldn't.
So another two days are taken, so I'm at a total of four full days of painting. It would've been more if hubby hadn't helped and if his friend hadn't painted the other bedroom while we were away.
Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the laundry and bathroom.
I already regret saying I'll finish painting :P

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