Saturday, 3 February 2018

Mini meatballs

Yum mini meatballs sounded like the perfect dinner and it used some yummy fresh tomatoes to make the sauce, how could I go wrong? 

Started with a small onion cut finely and cooked in a fry pan. Then I cut some tomatoes. About half of the wapsipinicon peach and tommy toes  I took the seeds out and the other half I included the seeds and plup of the tomatoes. That all went into the fry pan and cooked it for a bit.

I added about a tablespoon of tomato paste and a splash of water.

I then added some freshly picked and finely grated zucchini, followed by another tablespoon of tomato paste and another splash of water.

I let tha cook down a bit. The meatballs were a small amount of mince, an egg, breadcrumbs and some grated cheese. Mixed all together and rolled into small teaspoon sized meatballs. 

The meatballs were then put the sauce and cooked :) 
I added pasta and it was devoured by all :)

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