Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Present for Grandma

Presents for grandparents and great grandparents in our family are very low key. They have everything that they need or want or buy it for themselves, so I often buy a small box of chocolates that they enjoy.  Now I have a baby they love nothing more than something that she has made, including some wrapping paper and a card.  Lucky there is an obsession with crayons at the moment.. and tantrums when they are removed...

so perfect timing to make a present for my grandma.. I found this picture on google (I can't remember where) and printed it out... my black ink was running out so it printed in blue which was a nice surprise.

Little miss coloured them in

and a few sheets of blank paper

then cut out the feathers out and laminated them... thinking that paper wouldn't last long as a book mark

and the other half of the page turned into a card

grandma loved it :) I had written happy birthday 2018 on the back and as soon as she saw that she was even more excited... being that she has quite a few grandkids and great grandkids it must be hard to keep track of who made what over all these years :)

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