Saturday, 10 February 2018

Rainbow sundried tomatoes

So what do you do if you have heaps of ripe tomatoes and can't use them all before they spoil? sun dried tomatoes (well oven dried tomatoes) :D

and what better way to make a rainbow than with different coloured tomatoes

I only had my one green zebra, but had 7 wapsipinicon peach tomatoes so that was a good start. Everything got washed and cut in half.  Then I removed the seeds, and I have to say it took a little while but once I got the hang of it I could get the seeds out quickly.

All laid out on the baking tray ready to go

only 3 tigerellas, but again better than nothing

and then a bucket load of tommy toes :D

in a jug I put some olive oil

Added some Italian herbs and gave it a mix.  I then very lightly drizzled all the tomatoes with the oil and sprinkled some salt over the top

I had to save the seeds :D tigerella

I only managed to get a small amount of seeds from the green zebra :D but I'm so glad that I did get some.  I was so worried that I wouldn't get any at all

wapsipinicon peach, not bad from 7 tomatoes

tommy toes... OMG I have so many seeds now :D

I got a jar from IKEA :D it cost $3 and it was huge.  I gave it a good wash and let it dry

this is what they looked like after an hour and a half

and then after 2 and a half hours the tommy toes were definitely ready to come out and some of the small tomatoes were ready too

so I put the bigger ones in for another 20 minutes

and then they were ready :D so I let them cool a little

put the let over oil in the jar

and added the tomatoes

I then added a little extra oil to make sure the tomatoes were covered

and sealed the jar

Yum!!!! I can't wait to eat them (well other than the taste testers once they were done hehe)

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