Thursday, 1 March 2018

chocolate beetroot cake

my first attempt at making a chocolate beetroot cake and the first thing that I made sure of was that I was wearing gloves.. as much as I love the colour pink, I don't need pink hands

so I cut the beetroot up to make it cook quicker

I had one beetroot that weighed about 400g

and note to future self, beetroot can splatter everywhere

I added them to water and boiled until soft

and then drained.. maybe next time I might roast them in the oven

the left over beetroot water I let cool and poured on my veggie patch

and then I pureed the beetroot

adding it to the chocolate mixture and I couldn't believe how pink it turned

look at that beautiful cake mixture :)

it baked into a beautiful cake

which I cut into small squares

and made a cream cheese icing

I fed this cake to my sister and father in law, both who hate beetroot and they both ate it and survived ;) hehe they both loved it.. my father in law loved it a little less when I told him it had veggies in it and veggies that he didn't like.. but to be fair I did also feed him chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate avocado icing and didn't tell him until after he'd eaten them hehe but he was a little happier after I reassured him that he wasn't going to die from eating a few veggies

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