Tuesday, 20 March 2018

hot cross bun fail

I am yet to make hot cross buns that have actually worked.. they usually end up like little rocks with no flavour what so ever...
so with Easter just around the corner I decided to give it another go using this recipe

I did change it ever so slightly (I know what you're thinking.. big mistake but hear me out) and I made apple, cinnamon and sultanas.. I just cooked very small chopped apple pieces with a little brown sugar and cinnamon..

this was my dough

after it rose the first time

giving it a little knead

cut into 16 little balls (12 just seemed too big)

after they rose again :D

adding the crosses (and they would've been neater if I hadn't packed my piping bags and had to improvise with a ziplock bag and cutting the tip)

once they were baked

and glazed

and then this is where we came into trouble.. they were raw :( but by the time I realised it was too late to return them to the oven

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