Monday, 26 March 2018

scrambled eggs

who doesn't love scrambled eggs? well I never used to like them.. I used to work in a nursing home and they would come as huge trays and looked more like custard than eggs and it totally put me off.. but then I met my hubby and one morning I decided to try and make scrambled eggs and have been much happier since..

it's soo easy and quick to do it in the fry pan and I find they go a bit rubbery in the microwave..

melt the butter

add the whisked eggs and I add a splash of milk but its not necessary

and then leave it until you see the cooked bits of egg

then I use a spatula and gently scrape the bottom of the pan moving all the eggs from left to right

then up to down

and I keep going changing the direction each time

and then I turn the pan off at this point to let the residual heat in the pan cook the last bit of the eggs

and there we have it beautiful creamy scrambled eggs :)

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