Monday, 14 May 2018


oh I have a feeling this could get dangerous.. :D and I'm so glad that the pretty little succulents are just that.  After digging up an entire section of grass and turning it into a lovely garden it felt like a bit of a waste to leave my scraggly little flower garden as is... hubby had an idea to plant succulents and in the beginning I was a little disappointed.. it wasn't like my lovely flowers (that get a bit scraggly from time to time and need replacing) but then I though why not what have I got to loose...

so we bought some succulent cuttings off someone... and they were tiny but I thought well how expensive are they.. apparently they are very expensive..

so we bought some bigger ones off someone else..

but they weren't anywhere near enough to fill the little garden bed.. it just looked empty.. so one last trip and I bought about half of what she had (it was hard to choose :D)

Now there are heaps :D :D :D

this is my favourite big one (hopefully I can get a cutting from it)

brought them home and put them all in the garden... I had put the cuttings in the garden and some of them had started to grow roots but some hadn't, so I've moved them so little pots and put them in the green house to keep them warm.. I was excited my favourite one had roots :D I did think this would be the case because it looked bigger :D

this one is my favourite little one

:D I have all the little cuttings in my little greenhouse keeping warm, because it is bitterly cold at the moment and I don't want them to die..

Have you got succulents? any tips on keeping them alive? post them below :D

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