Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mother's Day gifts

so for mother's day this year I decided to make presents rather than buy something, mainly because the mum's in my life don't really need anything and it meant a little more making something for them... this this was my inspiration but I didn't have any wood so I improvised..

I started with tracing a template of a jar off my phone which is a lot harder than just tracing something

and then I traced the lines with black text

I then held another piece of paper on top and marked with dot where I wanted to put the pins in

Then I pushed the pins in 

until they were all in :D

these pins flatted out on the back

then I put some double sided tape on the back 

and stuck the paper on cardboard and put it in the photo frame

it doesn't look like much just yet but just wait

this is the thread that I used.. it was super thin

I tied the first string on

and wound it round... but I wasn't happy with it so I did it again :D

changing the starting point to a different spot

once I was happy I tied it off

and then did the lid of the jar and very carefully slid the wooden sticks in

I also had a beautiful blue frame and blue thread

I did try different pin placements for the lid and I think I like this way best

this was the paper that little miss painted.. I cut some flowers out and glued them to the wooden sticks

who doesn't love a little bit of art work for wrapping paper

and this was the end product was

everyone loved them :) which made me so happy :)

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