Sunday, 10 June 2018

Painted Rock Wall Part 2

we had another weekend away and I had to walk to rest of the rock wall :) and I wasn't disappointed.. I saw Wally, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Goofey, Flounder, Nemo and Dora.. I did stumble across some people touching up their rock with a little bit of paint.. it was really nice to see

I had a little chuckle at this one :)

Wally was everywhere...

Some people went to extraordinary lengths to glue rocks or tiles on.. it was absolutely amazing to see the detail and effort that people put in

I was a little disappointed that I didn't see Ariel

some of them gave me a little chuckle

others were just really lovely to read :)

and some kinda freaked me out.. is this meant to be a vampire nemo??

This one was absolutely amazing :) a local artist painted it in memory of the 10 year boy who died.. apparently it was a car only a few weeks before we went back but I didn't get to see it as a car.. I have to say I'm pretty glad I saw it like this... it's amazing

it was a bit sad seeing some of them washed off but that explains why the other people were touching rocks up :)

I just love how different they all are

I was also amazed at how game people were to climb out on the wall to paint a rock.. especially when the sea was quite rough and has been known to go up over the wall

and of course lots of people like to fish so this one completely belongs here

I wonder how long some of these would take to do...

yes it is :) hehe

I really liked how simple this was :)

and surprisingly I found this little tidbit which I loved

Save the Bees :D

I think I need to go camping more often ;)

I love how many different rocks there are.. and its funny you see different things depending on which way you walk...

it was absolutely freezing, miserable and had started to rain but I was determined to get to the end of the wall, while hubby and little miss headed back.. I did look slightly crazy and had a few people asking where the baby was because I was pushing the empty stroller but it was definitely worth it

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