Friday, 8 June 2018

Pork Pie and Cheesy Dumplings

I had some pork mince and I didn't know what to make.. I was going to make more chilli because I loved it but hubby loved it less so instead I made a quick pork pie with cheesy dumplings on top..

Hubby did request for the dumplings to be less dense (I'm not sure if he ate them last time but oh well) so again I just eye balled it and added a bucket load of cheese... well maybe not a bucket load but it was a lot.

for the pork pie, I added onion and garlic to oil in a pan. fried until golden and added mince.  cooked until brown and added a tin of tomatoes, some italian herbs, half a grated zucchini and some frozen peas, carrots and corn. I let it all cook for a bit then added it to a casserole dish and put the dumplings on top and put the whole lot in the 180 degree oven for 20 mins until the dumplings were golden

I can always tell when a dinner is well received when it's completely gone by the end of dinner :)

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