Friday, 6 July 2018

Seed tape

Seed tape is super expensive and feels even more wasteful when I have perfectly good deeds at home just waiting to be used up.. 

so I bought the cheapest single ply toilet paper I could find.. it cost me about $1

I mixed up equal amounts of flour and water to make a paste to make the "glue"

And then I had a piece of paper with some measurements on it 

and laid the toilet paper over the paper and using a tooth pick I put a very small drop of the glue in the middle of the toilet paper 

and placed a seed on before leaving the required space for the next seed. 

The beetroot said space 30cm apart so I placed them at 15cm (meaning the beetroot will have 15cm either side to be a total of 30cm) and the carrots were placed at 5cm apart
So I ended up with lots more carrots to beetroot but that's okay..

I should also mention I hate thinning out seedlings which is also why I made the seed tape.
I left it laid out on the floor to dry and then folded the toilet paper in half and rolled it to store it..

Very happy with my seed tape and with minimal effort it was really worth it and I may even try making it for other seeds :D

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